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Uplands FAQ

Will Uplands have a Metro District?

Uplands is investing millions of dollars up front for utility system upgrades, roadway improvements, street safety measures, and to address pre-existing stormwater/flooding issues on Shaw Boulevard. These items, along with the installation of miles of pedestrian and biking connections, don’t cost the City or existing residents anything — even though both groups will benefit from these improvements. These collective public infrastructure obligations will require Uplands to seek approval for a Metropolitan District to cover a portion of those costs, as contemplated by the City’s Metropolitan District policies for traditional mixed use neighborhood communities (e.g. Bradburn). The City’s policy regarding Metropolitan Districts is to approve them only after an Official Development Plan (ODP) has been approved. At this time, no Metropolitan District documents for Uplands are scheduled for hearings/approvals because the ODP is still pending.

What is the potential timing for construction of Uplands?

Timing can vary based on the entitlement process with the City of Westminster and development timing of the land. For 2021 we are focused on obtaining all the necessary approvals from the City. Construction will begin thereafter and will likely span 15-20 years.

How will neighbors who already live here benefit from Uplands and this increase in the local population?

More homes means a revitalized economy in the local retail centers for potential new grocery stores, and increased demand for existing and new local businesses in the area. The millions of dollars invested in the region’s water, sewer, and road infrastructure reduces the financial burden on existing taxpayers and ratepayers. 40 acres of parks and spaces for viewing the mountains and downtown will be provided with public access to the land that has been private and inaccessible for decades. And perhaps the greatest benefit of all will be the addition of new, and improvements to existing, pedestrian walkways, corridors, and crossings that will make it possible to connect to local services in safe and easy ways.


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