The Uplands Community Collective (UCC) is a non-profit organization, created to foster a thriving, resilient local economy throughout Uplands and the surrounding community. Food, agriculture and workforce development are being thoughtfully woven into Uplands’ planned mix of homes, offices and retail spaces. In partnership with local groups, the UCC is reimagining how a new urbanist neighborhood can be an asset to the greater community. Establishing a place-based economy and a culture of collaboration for generations to come.

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“Community is the driving force behind the Uplands placemaking philosophy. When we support our neighbors in a time of need, we build relationships that help today, but we also plant seeds for a stronger and more resilient community in the future.”
– Eric Kornacki, Uplands Community Collective
“Optimizing economic opportunity not only contributes to the vitality of our communities, but ensures that local businesses can thrive, schools can succeed, and neighborhoods remain vibrant.”
– Jeff Handlin, Uplands

WHO’S Behind UCC

Eric Kornacki

Eric is an award-winning social innovator, activist, public speaker and thought leader working at the intersection of agriculture, place-based economies, community development, sustainability, social justice and health equity. He is the Director of the Uplands Community Collective, and also the President and CEO of THRIVE Partners, a consulting firm providing tools for organizations and communities to create Thriving, Healthy, Resilient, Inclusive and Vibrant Economies. Prior to this, Eric served as the Executive Director and co-founder of Re:Vision, from 2007-2018. Guided by his vision, Re:Vision pioneered a new neighborhood economic model that builds community wealth, broad-based ownership, and economic empowerment for historically marginalized communities, winning national awards for its innovative community food system work.

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April 16, 2020
Uplands Forms the Uplands Community Collective to Support Placed-Based Economic Development Efforts
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