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What is the development plan for the community?

The City’s current land use plan allows for 3,500 homes and a number of other mixed uses. Uplands, as currently proposed, will contain 2,350 apartments, townhomes and single-family detached homes along  with office, commercial, retail, civic and recreational areas. The community anticipates a diversity of uses and building types.

Will the community have enough water?

The Uplands team has been working very closely with the City of Westminster on this question. The community, as currently proposed, has more than enough water based on the City of Westminster’s project-specific water budget.

How will traffic be mitigated?

Traffic engineers have analyzed and continue to analyze the site to determine necessary improvements to accommodate incremental community traffic. At this point, additional turn lanes and traffic lights have been identified, and details will continue to be developed through the City and the Colorado Department of Transportation approval processes.

What is the maximum building heights for the mixed-use areas along Federal?

The maximum allowable height is 5 stories along Federal.

Will existing neighborhood water/sewer fees be increased as a result of this development?

No. New development pays its own way in enhancing public infrastructure needed to support the additional homes and other uses.

What is the timing of the development?

Timing can vary based on the entitlement process with the City of Westminster and development timing of the land. At this point, we anticipate construction to begin in 2021, and given the scope of Uplands, build-out will likely span 15-20 years.

How much will the homes in Uplands cost to buy or rent?

Given the early stage of planning, we are unable to estimate home prices or rental fees. Uplands anticipates a diverse list of product types, including attainable homes, throughout the community, which will create a wide range of home prices.

When will you have another neighborhood meeting?

Uplands will publish neighborhood meetings on this website as they happen, in conjunction with the City of Westminster. Please check back here for updates. Watch any previously recorded Community Meetings here.

I’m interested, how can I stay up to date?

Great! As you can see from some of the timing estimates above, this community is still a few years out. If you would like to join our interest list, please enter your information here.

Is any land going to be annexed into the City of Westminster?

There are small slivers of Right of Way and other small isolated tracts, totaling just over 3 acres, that were not previously annexed into the City of Westminster. The balance of Upland’s 235 acres were previously annexed, and in order to move forward as one community, the isolated remaining tracts will be annexed into the City. No property outside of Uplands will be annexed into the City of Westminster.

Want to learn more about the history of this property?

Over a century ago, Westminster put forth a plan that earmarked this land as residential, knowing the creation of homes would be the best imaginable eventuality. A decade ago, the city confirmed this plan by zoning the property for a mix of uses that includes small businesses and a healthy variety of right-sized homes. In partnership with the city we are focused on making sure the 100-year-vision is fulfilled in the best possible way. With the best possible intentions. And the best possible results for our neighbors. Learn more about the history here.


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