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The City of Westminster has published special reports, needs assessments, comprehensive plans, and official policies that guide the master plans for both commercial and residential developers and builders who wish to build within the City. Here are a few key documents the Uplands planning team has continually referenced throughout the process to ensure it is within compliance with current policies, helping deliver on the City’s vision, and working to honor the desires of the community.

Comprehensive Plan – This policy document provides guidance to developers and builders on appropriate and allowable land uses throughout the entire City. Page 38 demonstrates that the land on which Uplands is proposed is designated as a “Traditional Mixed-Use Neighborhood,” which includes a mix of apartments, condos, lofts, and townhomes; single family residents; offices; personal services; retail commercial; and live/work spaces. Download the Comprehensive Plan

Engineering Standards & Specifications – The City’s Division of Engineering sets standards that all commercial and residential builders must follow, including water and sanitary sewer systemsroadwaystraffic, and street lighting, just to name a few. The Division is also responsible for reviews and inspections of new subdivisions, such as Uplands. Download the Engineering Standards & Specification

Design Guidelines – This document sets forth development principles to ensure neighborhoods are distinct, have character, have adequate transitions from existing neighborhoods, are pedestrian friendly, and that they incorporate public spaces. Download the Design Guidelines

Housing Needs Assessment – This report is the outcome of a study the City commissioned to identify housing diversity, affordability, and current and future needs. Residents expressed a desire for a diversity of housing stock and the study’s authors recommend a balanced housing approach. Download the Housing Needs Assessment

2020 Community Survey – Every two years the City commissions a survey of a randomized sample of residents to gauge quality of life and the factors affecting it. In this most recent survey it was noted that 68% of respondents said they want a community with distinct neighborhoods and 65% said that they want to ensure the City provides ample affordable / workforce housing. Download the 2020 Community Survey

2020 Draft Sustainability Plan – This is the culmination of a two-year planning process developed as part of Westminster Forward, a coordinated community engagement process created to support six concurrent City planning efforts that encouraged collaboration across departments and engaged a wide, diverse number of community members. This plan will serve as a guiding framework that City staff and community partners will use to move towards its vision of becoming a sustainable and inclusive community, focused on actions that can be implemented within the next 5 to 10 years. Download the 2020 Sustainability Plan


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