What if

you could live in a new
neighborhood that had the
personality of an old neighborhood?

What if

you knew your
neighbors better?

What if

a good cup of coffee
with a good friend was
only a walk away?

What if

natural beauty was
right outside your door?

Introducing Uplands:
A New Idea of Community in Westminster

On the land adjacent to the iconic Westminster Castle, we’re envisioning new ways to live, work and shop that make the most of this high ground. A community of pocket neighborhoods that aims to create meaningful community connections and return lasting value for the people of Westminster. Uplands is a vision that helps realize the goals of the City and our neighbors. A thoughtful mixed-use design that includes homes, offices and retail. With a plan that optimizes Westminster’s investments in schools, parks, recreation, and economic opportunity.

The Principles That Guide Us

Share the Views
Spaces for All
Connect Westminster
Create Home
We invite you to join us
We believe this development will provide a catalyst for new growth and opportunity within our district.
-J. Duffy, COO for Westminster Public Schools
From what I’ve seen of the proposed plan for the Uplands, I believe it’s good for our community. I believe it’s good for our city.
-B. Dias, Westminster Chamber of Commerce Board Chairman
As a business owner, I have to drive 2-3 hours a day. That’s 7 days a week. I lose almost 20 hours a week driving just to go to work. I would love to be able to go out of my house and see that’s where I’m working. I’m not going to lose a day.
-JB Chavez, Local Resident & Business Owner
Have the courage to do the right thing and reinvest in your community and help this community to grow over the next 20 years.
-L. Nading, Local Resident

Part of Westminster’s new energy

Our neighbors already know that Westminster is located in the sweet spot between downtown Denver and Boulder, with easy access to Westminster Station’s B-line. An ideal location for those seeking both the city’s culture and Colorado’s adventure. Uplands is located at Westminster’s highest point, next door to the historic Westminster Castle with sweeping views of the Front Range and downtown. This land between 84th and 88th on Federal Boulevard is located near local parks, schools and shops. Up until now, the privately owned property has not been open to the community. It has always been privately owned, but now it is envisioned to become more accessible and connected to the existing neighborhoods.

our vision

Uplands is a healthy way for Westminster to grow. An example of smart, sustainable in-fill development. And a new mixed-use community that enhances what’s already here with even more to see, more to do and more to love.

"I’m really excited because I believe that healthy living, that integration of activity and wellness and finding ways to do things within the community in which we live, I believe the Uplands community will provide that."
–K. Jenkins, St. Anthony North Health Campus
"We need to get more bedrooms around our area. And when that happens, it’ll help in revitalizing Federal."
–D. Kaatz, Summit Square Shopping Center
"Attainable housing is going to bring quality teachers to our school … it’s going to keep them in the community. And those are people that we want to attract to Westminster."
–K. Ouweneel, Crown Pointe Academy
"I think having additional retail, places to dine and places to get coffee would be huge."
–E. Keyes, Westminster Resident

A community of pocket neighborhoods


Thoughtfully New

Uplands is the newest thinking in new urbanism, with a finer grain of planning and an intentional mix of uses. A community of pocket neighborhoods crafted around a variety of beautiful landscapes, streetscapes, and common areas. Woven together with trails, parks and creative “found” spaces. Where small-scale retail can grow organically over time, allowing neighborhood businesses to flourish. New ideas grounded in traditional neighborhood values. Like pride of place. Pride of ownership. And neighbors looking out for each other.


Gather Together

Uplands is being designed as an open, inclusive and welcoming place that embodies the very idea of community. A place that will bring people together – from all backgrounds and stages of life – with spaces to gather and things to do. It’s a celebration of public and private spaces, some intimate some grand.


A variety of home choices

Uplands will offer a timeless mix of new rental and for-sale homes, many of which will be attainably priced, designed with welcoming front porches and beautifully landscaped low-maintenance front yards. The result of architectural variety is an inviting place with the character of an old neighborhood that lives like new. By bringing a carefully crafted mixed-use neighborhood to an established part of town, we’re helping to diversify Westminster’s home choices. Breathing fresh new life into the area.


Sharing the views

We understand that this elevated land with inspiring Front Range views is special. We’ll do our best to enhance and share our hilltop position with preserved view corridors, staggered structure height and homes with rooftop decks that provide an extraordinary perspective. Not to mention better sunsets.


Connecting Westminster

The organic nature of the Uplands plan weaves new connective threads through the fabric of the existing Westminster community. Linking neighborhoods to parks, schools and businesses, and people to each other. We are a neighborhood complement to the regional vision of Downtown Westminster and Westminster Station. Together, we can help boost the Westminster economy.


Pedestrian friendly

By design, our community promotes walking and biking. We’re also committed to promoting multimodal alternatives that reduce reliance on cars. Minimizing the impact on infrastructure while also reducing congestion and pollution. As mobility changes, so must a modern community. Cycle and scooter stations, plus Uber and Lyft staging areas, get people to the train on time, and optimize the use of public transit.

Think Local: The Uplands Community Collective

The Uplands Community Collective (UCC) is a non-profit organization. Created to foster a thriving, resilient local economy throughout Uplands and the surrounding community. Food, agriculture and workforce development are being thoughtfully woven into Uplands’ planned mix of homes, offices and retail spaces. In partnership with local groups, the UCC is reimagining how a new urbanist neighborhood can be an asset to the greater community. Establishing a place-based economy and a culture of collaboration for generations to come.

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Uplands is the result of hundreds of public meetings. Along with carefully considered input from the City and our fellow citizens. We’ll continue actively engaging in open and honest dialogue and we invite you to share your ideas with us at our next event. Let’s move Westminster forward together.

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About Us

Our vision for this significant land goes far beyond the ordinary. For us, it’s about legacy and creating lasting value. It’s a vision that was formed through extensive dialogue with our neighbors, the City, key stakeholders and local businesses. And we invite you to co-create alongside us.

The uplands team

Based in Colorado, the Uplands team, acquires, develops, and operates best-in-class residential and mixed-use communities, primarily in the Denver and Boulder market areas. Our team has been integral in the development of 20+ master-planned communities, all with a strong focus on creating an authentic lifestyle and a distinctive sense of place.

The Uplands team relies on a group of award-winning local Denver-Boulder engineers, planners, architects, attorneys, title companies, and community management firms. Our team is lead by Jeff Handlin (20 years experience); Chad Ellington (20 years experience); Mark Nickless (28 years experience); and Amber Sands (10 years experience).


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