The team here at Uplands is anxious to begin vertical development of homes and public spaces. However, there is critical underground and horizontal infrastructure that must be built to support the new neighborhoods, retail, and commercial spaces that will make up the Uplands community. 

In total, Uplands is providing about $40 million in public improvements – including sewer, water, and storm drainage systems and road, traffic, and bike/pedestrian enhancements. 

We’re on track to receive administration approval from the city to begin construction this summer of 2023. This page will host the ongoing and upcoming construction updates, so be sure to check back often. We appreciate your patience with any inconveniences or temporary disruptions that may occur during this process.

Recent Developments:

  • FEMA has approved the Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) for Uplands and Shaw Boulevard area that will significantly improve storm drainage issues in the area. Our contractors will be commencing this construction over the next month, and we will be pushing to expedite these improvements as quickly as possible.

Upcoming Construction

Spring Time Update!

  • Overall grading is substantially complete. Minor grading and specific builder sub surface improvements may still occur through the life of the project.
  • Onsite Infrastructure(water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, roadways) is commencing, this work will last throughout this year and into next year.
  • 88th/84th/Lowell Infrastructure Improvements is commencing and will include some closures that are being coordinated with the City.
    • This work will last through this year and into next year.
    • Lowell closures and neighborhood interaction will wait till after school is out.
    • Lowell/84th traffic signals are being procured and construction will be expedited.
  • Federal Boulevard Improvements will be started mid-Summer.
  • Parcel B
    • Grading and Erosion Control is commencing.
    • Onsite Infrastructure will start late Spring to early Summer and continue into early next year.
    • Bradburn Improvements will start early summer.
  • Electrical and Gas improvements are being made surrounding the site and will continue throughout the year and into next year.

Questions or Concerns?