The team here at Uplands is anxious to begin vertical development of homes and public spaces. However, there is critical underground and horizontal infrastructure that must be built to support the new neighborhoods, retail, and commercial spaces that will make up the Uplands community. 

In total, Uplands is providing about $40 million in public improvements – including sewer, water, and storm drainage systems and road, traffic, and bike/pedestrian enhancements. 

We’re on track to receive administration approval from the city to begin construction this summer of 2023. This page will host the ongoing and upcoming construction updates, so be sure to check back often. We appreciate your patience with any inconveniences or temporary disruptions that may occur during this process.

Upcoming Construction

August 2023

  • Demolition of existing farm structures near 88th Ave. & Irving St. began in late August and will continue through the fall

September 2023

  • Grading operations started on Parcel A. This includes erosion control measures and subsurface earthwork treatment to prepare the site for future home and roadway construction.
  • As areas are graded, they will either be seeded or utility and roadway construction will be put into place.

Fall 2023

  • Beginning on October 2, the 0.20-mile diagonal portion of Shaw Blvd. that runs across Lowell Blvd to W 84th Ave will be permanently closed.
    • Temporary traffic control measures, barricades, and signage will be placed at the roadside edges for initial notice with full implementation of traffic control measures and full closure on the date.
    • The intersection of 84th and Lowell will continue to provide access to the same locations and additional connections will be made internally to the site as part of the future improvements to the area.

Questions or Concerns?